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Underground Naples whit pizza lunch

What you can expect

Hidden under the heart of bustling Naples lies a 50-mile (80 km) network of caves and tunnels. Originally built as mines for the stone used to construct the buildings above, they have since been used as cult sites, catacombs, secret meeting places and even shelter during World War II.

Venture below the city to see the underground world that sits 131 feet (40 m) below the soil. With your expert guide at hand to provide fascinating anecdotes and history, walk this system of 2,700-year-old Greek tanks connected by 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct channels. Learn all about the history of the structures, including how the tanks were used as a bomb refuge during the war.

 With your feet back on land, indulge in a traditional lunch of pizza with drinks.

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pizza & drink
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ticket fees entrance Underground Naples cost entrance 11 euro

cost of tour 40 euro per person