6 Hours walking in Capri

Capri is a jewel of the Bay Naples and the best way to discover the island is walking and breathing the special atmosphere along the pedestrian way.

We walk around the most scenery and wild part of Capri to fully enjoy,the spectacular views of the Faraglioni rocks; the steep rocky limestone walls facing the deep blue of the crystalline water; the flora of the mediterranean area, with lots of colored flowers; the smell of the natural wild herbs mixed with the salty air.

But Capri is also the history of the Roman empire: in a great spot facing the peninsula the emperor Tiberius lived in the Villa Jovis, now a ruin looking as a fortress.

Capri and the modern architecture with lots of examples of exclusive works: the Via Krupp, the villa Malaparte, the Villa San Michele, the Casa Rossa.

Capri and the social life, the "piazzetta" with its bar and shops where all the local people use to meet, have a coffee and spend time together.